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To the in-the-field professional, there are lot of gear choices.  Any decent outdoor store is replete with sleeping bags, cool stoves, lanterns, and every conceivable type of high-speed clothing known […]


There are a lot of people who own handguns and/or rifles today.  And a very high number of them cannot shoot or handle them.  A person who owns a handgun […]


Preparation is a reflexive habit of action. There is no training.  Training is a “go a couple of times a week and do it” event.  Professionals don’t train – they […]

The Path of the Warrior – Tsuwamono-no-michi: A Different Kind of Warrior

Being / Becoming For many armed professionals, training and practice in combative skills are approached as necessities of the profession. For them, it is readily apparent that combat is the most […]

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