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Edward James “Jim” Corbett was – throughout his long and productive life – a protector.  In a life less ordinary, this exemplary man was a tracker-hunter of dangerous game, soldier […]

Mentoring the man in the arena

For those who would have a bias for action, it is ignoble to know and not to act. On occasion, the action required is good counsel. I once had a […]


“Under the wide and starry sky Dig the grave and let me lie: Gladly did I live and gladly die And I laid me down with a will. This be […]


A popular definition of steadfast is “firmly loyal or constant; unswerving.”  In a dynamic, fast-changing world, the steadfast can appear to be unable to change with the rapid pace.  Nothing […]


Combat is a movement-based activity.  A true strength of the man-of-action is the emphasis – in preparation and in operations – on mobility.  Strength, speed, and endurance are only of […]


There are few – if any – professions that better emulate the EXEMPLAR ethic than the professional firefighter. In their myriad tasks and encounters, they have many tools, vehicles, protective […]


Pulling a trigger.  Drawing a bowstring with a nocked arrow.  Executing a cross-compartment movement in undulating terrain.  Mantracking.  Handling weapons.  Prepping gear – and then shouldering it and heading out. […]

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