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Introduction to Hoplology

Hoplology is the study of the evolution and development of human combative behavior. This study encompasses the segment of human culture concerned with weapons, armor, combative accouterments and fighting systems, in regard to their technical characteristics and the ways in which they interact with the economic, political, social and religious institutions of human societies.

Introduction to Hoplology will expose students to the basic principles that are the fourndation of the field of hoplology. Using the methods taught, students will engage in hoplological analysis of martial cultures, systems, and weapons. Importantly, a good hoplologist has an educated perspective that is based on a functional understanding of weapons and the personal experience of the use of weapons. This course will include a hands-on portion in basic principles of weapons use.

This course is based on decades of research conducted by the International Hoplology Society. For more information about hoplology and the International Hoplology Society, visit

Prerequisites: None.

Course Length: 2 days.

To receive a more detailed information packet on the Introduction to Hoplology course, send an email request to:

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