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Initium Course

The Initium (formerly CTAP) is an integrated course that provides a solid foundation in combative capabilities for the armed professional.  The focus of the course is to initiate the student into the principles of Exemplar and create a foundation for the student to continue his personal development of the “Three Cs,” Consciousness, Character, and Capability; the goal is that the student will fully integrate the Three Cs into his or her life.

Originally designed for those in the military, law enforcement, or high risk security, Exemplar has opened the course to select civilians and other professionals. The training is designed to develop the core elements that underlie all combative behavior and performance. These are the foundation of all Exemplar Courses.

The Initium course includes classroom work and physical training.  In the classroom, the background theory in the principles of human combat is presented. The majority of work, though, is the physical training, which utilizes those principles in the form of posture, movement, and combative engagement.


Using a variety of weapons, the emphasis is on dealing with one or more armed adversaries. The student will learn to utilize those behaviors, postures, and movements that are most effective in dealing with any confrontation with adversaries, whether at the verbal end of confrontation or in situations of extreme violence. Adversary training is utilized for all weapons from empty‑hand to firearms (including, baton, blade, handguns and carbine).  Likewise, the student will learn to deal with adversaries armed with a variety of weapons from empty‑hand to firearms. Training will also emphasize situational awareness to develop the individual’s ability to recognize levels of potential danger, visual recognition, combative assessment and decision making.


In order to provide a realistic situational context in which to practice the behavior/mindset and combat skills learned in the course, we introduce the basic skills of tracking in a tactical situation, i.e., tracking down a potentially combative prey. Tracking is one of man’s oldest and most fundamental hunting and combat skills. The cool mindset of the hunter is the foundation of the ability of the individual in combat to maintain the calm and control necessary to effectively deal with the high stress of combat.


In the combat tracking scenarios, the focus again is training combat mindset. Here we introduce the rudiments of working in combat tracking team. As soon as the team concept is understood, the hunter-tracker team is given the task of tracking down a multi‑man Tango (target/prey) team. As the trainees progress in their tracking and combat skills, the target team becomes increasingly more hostile. The track‑down situations escalate to match the expanding skills that the trainees develop in the Initium course.





Prerequisite:  Acceptance of Application.

Course length: 5 Days

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