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All Exemplar courses are aimed at developing each individual’s natural abilities to deal with personal combat. In any conflict situation, the weapons available to the individual are not as important as the individual’s own capabilities.

Exemplar LLC is continually expanding its range of capabilities for training armed professionals. In doing so, Exemplar LLC has codified its principles and methods of training into a comprehensive martial system called BattleHand™.  Battlehand™ includes principles of the full range of handheld weapons skills, combative behavior, and socio-spiritual integration.  At the core of BattleHand™ is the development of the combative mindset. In training this mindset we include the full range of weapons, from firearms to bayonets to knives to empty-hands. The principle of weapons training as the foundation of warrior mindset and skills embodies the axiom of “One Mind, Any Weapon.”  As well as creating the BattleHand™ system, Exemplar LLC has established the core place for training BattleHand™ at the Spartan Training Center in Sedona, AZ.

  1. Initium Course is an integrated course of training that provides a solid foundation in combative capabilities and prepares the student to integrate and personally develop Consciousness, Character and Capability.
  2. Introduction to Hoplology introduces the methods and theory of understanding combative behavior and culture.
  3. Neural Drive Conditioning Course is geared towards the use‑of‑arms professional who realizes the need for the type of conditioning that goes beyond the fitness center and running track.

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