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We suspect most of you who are looking at this page share choices that you’ve made in maintaining goals in physical conditioning and combative skills.  We hope also that you share high standards in regards to personal character.  Perhaps we can make similar claims to your level of consciousness; by this we mean not simply intelligence, but intelligent awareness (or perhaps aware intelligence).

These are the three traits that we consider requisite to the concept of the Exemplar: Consciousness, Character, and Capability (the “3 Cs”). In the modern pop cultural milieu of today, there is some interest in physical capability, though it tends to be in pop concepts of conditioning (e.g., CrossFit), or pop ideas of capability (e.g., MMA, jiu-jitsu (sic)). There is considerably less of a pop cultural interest in development in consciousness—in either intellect or awareness—and perhaps the most detrimental lack in the pop cultural world is a virtual zero value put to the concept of developing character.

Unfortunately, the pop cultural world seems to be having an ever expanding influence in the modern world – which is increasingly devoid of either consciousness or character. The good news is that there are people out there, who are men and women of consciousness, character, and capability, seemingly in spite of the common pop cultural values.

What we are trying to do with Exemplar is bring together some kind of cohesion among these people, a shared identity, if you will, that can provide a stronger model to help counter balance the negative values that we seem to be so constantly blasted with from the media.

There are plenty of groups, sites, and organizations that focus on one or another aspect of our three traits. In particular, there are a plethora of physical conditioning and combative skills groups and organizations. There are organizations committed to intellect (an aspect of consciousness), and there are organizations committed to developing character. But most organizations and individuals consider these traits independently and relative only to the distinct traits themselves.

However, for the Exemplar, we see the 3 Cs as three parts of the whole rather than individual, separate and distinct attributes. Each trait contributes to the other, and we train each in accordance with the others: consciousness drives; character guides; and capability provides the means.

We do not claim any state of being, level of attainment, or perfection.  We do not claim to “be” Exemplars.  We simply hold the Exemplar as an ideal to emulate, a guiding light.

Our goal, then, is to bring together, like minded individuals who, sharing aspects of those traits, through their own self-discipline seek to improve themselves in consciousness, character, and capability, not simply for their own self-improvement, but as well for the betterment of their community and society as a whole.

Join us.  Participate. . .

Begin simply by joining our communication.  Sign up for our free email newsletter on any page, and let’s begin.


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