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About Michael Burke

Sergeant Major Michael Burke, having been raised on tales of high adventure by his career Marine father, joined the World’s Finest U.S. Marines in 1992. As an arms carrying professional he has dedicated his time to slaying dragons, rescuing maidens, and thwarting villains.

Mentoring the man in the arena

For those who would have a bias for action, it is ignoble to know and not to act. On occasion, the action required is good counsel. I once had a […]

On Mastering The Arts Martial

  “I am thinking of taking up a martial art, and I have all kinds of options close by including grappling, kung fu, tae kwon do, etc.  I am interested […]

A New Year’s Initium

Many people are hopeful about the new year considering it bright and full of possibilities. Yet even now New Years Resolutions are being made and broken quicker than it takes […]

Role of the Exemplar

– Michael Burke Recently I was posed with the question: What is the role of the Exemplar in modern society? In answer to this I first asked myself a question […]

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