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Michael Burke


Having been raised on tales of high adventure by his career Marine father, Mike joined the World’s Finest U.S. Marines in 1992. His military experience ranges from infantry squad leader, embassy security guard, tactical tracking operations instructor, martial arts instructor, and primary marksmanship instructor.

He has participated in numerous military martial arts exchanges with Mongolian Armed Forces, Japanese Self Defense Forces, Republic of Korea Marine Corps, and Kazakhstan Naval Infantry.

He was first introduced to Hunter B. Armstrong in 2002 while serving with 3d Reconnaissance Battalion in Okinawa, Japan during an Integrated Combative Systems (ICS) course.  Since then he has continued to study human combative behavior and instruct ICS courses with the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force, 3d Battalion, 3d Marines as well as incorporate ICS training philosophies while serving with Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

You can read more about Mike’s hair raising and irreverent Marine adventures on his blog Castra Preatoria, where he is more well known as America’s Sergeant Major.







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