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The performance cycle – or cycle of function – of the M16 rifle is the following:  feeding-chambering-locking-firing-unlocking-extracting-ejecting-cocking.   Two of the steps – extracting and cocking – occur at the same time.

In everyday life, there are events that occur continuously that – combined or conflicting with our overall performance – form a cycle of function.  Morning routines; cups of coffee and breakfast; the daily workout; reading the newspaper – all of these actions become almost reflexive.  To break away from them would be an almost foreign experience.

To those on the path of the professional, many of the actions that define the ethos – preparation, steadfast and dogged adherence to standards of excellence, and the call to serve – are codified into a cycle of function that permeates and dominates the daily endeavors and work of the individual exponent.  Through disciplined effort and the dedication to become more today than yesterday, this cycle merges with basic body function and mental reflexive action to create an entity of martial ability, mental acuity, and unwaverable ethical standards.

It is in the interests of those searching, traveling, and traversing the EXEMPLAR PATH to examine their cycle of function.  Reflection, revision, and modification of its elements can greatly enhance both the martial and personal ethos and provide a steady stabilization in a dynamic world.

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