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A popular definition of steadfast is “firmly loyal or constant; unswerving.”  In a dynamic, fast-changing world, the steadfast can appear to be unable to change with the rapid pace.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

To become steadfast, one must be able to call on a a well-developed baseline of moral/ethical, mental, and physical values.  The mission of EXEMPLAR PATH is to develop the character, consciousness, and capability of the individual on an individual level – and also to be useful in a community application.  The EXEMPLAR leads by example, inspires by action, and develops by self-discipline and a relentless pursuit of training and martial acumen.  In many ways, the EXEMPLAR is the action component of the steadfast continuum; he is firmly loyal in his beliefs and traditions, constant in his actions, and unswerving in his calling to become better tomorrow than he was today.

His path will take him into many mediums:  martial; athletic; academic.  He will become trainer and trainee; explorer and traveler; lecturer and listener; mentor, leader, coach, and colleague.  He is many things at times and one thing always.  Mastery comes in levels that encompass a lifetime of action/analysis/study/application…. a continuing kaleidoscope of merging elements forged into an ethos.

Where does one begin?  On a football field, weight room, parade ground, battlefield, or classroom?  What should one be?  Big – Strong – Fast?

The answer to the questions proposed above is yes…..

The only requirement is to begin.  So begin now, right now, this moment.

Dedicate yourself to becoming more.  Become loyal, constant, and unswerving in your pursuit.

Become steadfast…….. on the EXEMPLAR PATH.

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