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Peaking for an athletic event with a long, detailed training plan has long been considered a solid road to success.  Terms such as programming and Specific Action to Imposed Demands (SAID) are in many credible training books and journals.  Several training continuums have achieved almost cult-like status and loyal followings.  The internet is rife with experts bandying back and forth about “rep range” and “work-to-rest interval” protocols.  There is much hard work and knowledge in this arena.  If the end state is dominance in your gym or workout, then read no further.

However, if your path leads you toward that of the professional, then take this knowledge – and all the things you do in your life – and centralize them into this adage:  capability equals performance upon demand.

Your preparation is complete each and every day – because each day you are tested.  What you do in that day is what your capability is.  You must balance preparation and action in each moment.  No “I will be stronger in three months” mantras.  If today you can do 10 chinups or run 5 miles – then that is the limit of your capability.  Combative skills are equally finite.  What you can do – NOW – is where you are.  That is really all that matters.

The next time someone asks you if you are capable of something, ask yourself this question:  can I do it, right now, this second?  If you can, do it.  Go all out, leave nothing for next time.  No warm up.  No “day 3 of week 7” limitation.  Your capability exists in your character and consciousness; it is in effect the kinesthetic action element of the preceding two.  Relentless preparation and codified commitment hone it and develop it each and every day.

The limit of your capability is in the ability to deliver performance upon demand.


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