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A legendary Border Patrol Agent, World War II Marine Corps veteran, and experienced gunfighter, Bill Jordan coined two phrases that apply to the path of the professional.  The first is the gunfighting adage, “Speed is fine…. but ACCURACY is final.”  Jordan – through habitualized preparation and discipline – became lightning fast with his duty weapon and was in numerous gun battles from Okinawa to the Texas Border region.  He believed that improvement and standards of excellence were built and codified through working with the tools of his trade on a day-to-day basis.

His second axiom is even more succinct:  “There is no second place winner in a gunfight.”

Exemplar Path is dedicated to seeking excellence in a chosen endeavor and improving those around you in the process.  At the core of its ethos is the continued improvement and dedication to a calling to protect and raise the standard of those in the group, community, or area that one lives in.  This calling is a lifetime commitment.  Hard work and incremental improvement – day by day – are touchstones.

Bill Jordan wrote 3 books in his lifetime and was a magazine columnist for many years.  He taught numerous arms-carrying professionals the art of gunfighting and how to mentally and physically prepare for the rigor of high intensity combat.  A tall, slow speaking and immensely talented individual, he personified the Old West professional lawman.  Modest but well aware of what he was and what he could offer, he was generous with his time and knowledge.  An easy smile and laconic demeanor belied the seriousness of what he taught.  But it was never far from the surface.  In his eyes, movements, and persona, those in his presence felt the coiled energy and deadly readiness  – a reality that he was compelled to impart to several generations of those in harm’s way.  His exemplary efforts as a protector and as a mentor and role model were never second place.

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