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Combat is a movement-based activity.  A true strength of the man-of-action is the emphasis – in preparation and in operations – on mobility.  Strength, speed, and endurance are only of use if one can move.

Mobility of mind, mobility of body, mobility of spirit.  Watch a big cat in repose.  A waiting body – but a mobile, attacking mind.  No warm up.  No need to prepare – he is already there.  His life; his ethos; his kinesthetic makeup are knit together to close the distance to whatever he needs to survive.  To do it, he possesses an integral mobility baseline.  He calculates each and every task in movement; he wastes no energy.  When he loses his mobility, he is done.

Do not allow your mind, body, or spirit to become stagnant.  If stress or life situations cause a kind of paralysis, seek the answer in movement.  Move.  Change your perspective by seeing via another place, another angle, another position.  In your workouts, keep your mind moving and you will find your body following, closer and closer.  You will streamline, become more efficient.

Our species has risen by not standing still.  There is an old expression:  move with a purpose.  Heed the call.  When you do, you tap into an evolutionary reality from the eons of time past.  The best combat units are agile-mobile-hostile; they know it.  Tall or short, thin or thick.  If you can move, you can survive.

Move and survive.  Move and improve.  Move and envision.


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