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Professionals train for one thing:  the moment.

Hardship.  Physical discipline.  Steadfast perseverance.  Unquestioned loyalty and adherence to a standard.  All are aspects of training and why it occurs.  The young and the strong seek to become the professional.  The mid-range operator scales to the heights of his powers.  The longtime professional is a hard man with high mileage.  Each has a different training protocol.  But all train.

With weights or with weapons, with boots or bare feet, there are numerous ways to train.  For the professional, every aspect of training must lead to the time when mind, body, and existence fuse in a single action.  Sometimes it is an eight-hour movement for a twenty second fight.  Sometimes it is a three-year trackdown of a target.  But it is for one reason.

The moment.

G. H. Bristol


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