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Preparation is a reflexive habit of action.

There is no training.  Training is a “go a couple of times a week and do it” event.  Professionals don’t train – they prepare… mentally, physically, spiritually.

Work through the numerous courses of action, branch plans, sequels, and changes.  Toughen the body.  Internally examine the moral and ethical tapestry of what will come and what will be done.

Equipment comes and goes.  There is no magic gun, no invincible weapon.  We are the Homo sapiens.  We have risen to apex predators because we know how to use tools.  Use the tools – but prepare yourself.

Once the mission is assigned, do it.  Each day, each event, each thing done every day is a mission.  Do the work.  If you do the work, the task gets done.   Preparation is all about doing the work.

Character.  Capability.  Consciousness.

Character develops with each mission.  Good or not-so-good, learning becomes experience.  Capability comes with pushing against perceived limits and moving to new limits.

Consciousness is the catalyst for preparation.

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