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Physical training offers many goals:  Run a 10k race.  Increase the bench press.  Be the top performer in your Crossfit gym.  These are all worthy, all hard, all good.

The professional trains for certainty:  the certainty that he will have to depend on his ability to survive and succeed.  Hardening hands and feet.  Strengthening bone and connective tissue and the muscle that rides on it.

Ask a professional what is most important: strength, speed or endurance?

He will answer, “Yes.”

Basic tenets include: (1) eating well when training because when operating you will not,  (2) moving during training because combat is a movement-based activity,  and (3) building work capacity and strength-endurance under pressure because those aspects have to be there, on demand, when you reach for them.

For the professional, body training is a climb.  Drive up the scree as the vertical increases.  Deal with the environmental and atmospheric conditions.  Push against limits.  Rest when you can; go when you must.  When you get to the top, know that you will climb it again – and that the next time it will be completely different.

Except for one thing.

You will have done it.  That will give you one more step up, one more level.  That is body training.  For now.  And beyond….

G. H. Bristol

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