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Exemplar Habits of Thought

The Exemplar Path is not for everyone.

However, those seeking the path – and perhaps more importantly, those wanting to follow the path – must find some habits of thought to serve as touchstones for daily, weekly, monthly, and beyond – leading to lifelong endeavor.

Here are a few:

TRAIN AS A MARTIAL PROFESSIONAL – the mode of training can be debated; the fundamental requirement to train cannot.  Martial development is ELEMENTAL to the Exemplar Way.  Each and every day, the training protocol must be centered around expanding neural martial pathways and grooving kinesthetic martial integration.   Martial pioneer Donn F. Draeger stated, “Training – properly done – completely reinforces experience…”   If I were to place training in a categorized manner, I would say train to:  program-approach-stalk-immobilize-and utilize the kill/immobilization.  The continuum previously mentioned is the hunting sequence.  There is much within that sequence to train for…

FITNESS FOR FUNCTION –  a popular saying in the fitness industry is the term “functional fitness.”  I don’t know what that means.  The Exemplar must employ directed fitness endeavors to enhance martial skill sets.  Pull – push – lift – run – jump – throw.  Supplement the basic body function of martial development with basic activity.  Use a “workout” as a tonic to galvanize the movement continuum.  Keep circulation flowing, endorphins firing, and mental faculties alive and engaged.  Numbers and loads will vary along the path.  But to be fit is to be able to move.  One of my true beliefs – reinforced by experience – is that combat is a movement-based activity.  Predatory animals must be able to move.  The Exemplar Path is a movement-based path.

The Exemplar must be an Apex Predator…

More to follow….

In the Spirit of the Exemplar Nexus,

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George H. Bristol, Colonel USMC (Retired) enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1975 and served for 38 years. He retired in 2013 after a career in Reconnaissance, Infantry, Intelligence, and Special Operations. His combat tours include multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Balkans, Somalia and Northwest and West Africa.

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