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The Exemplar is a doer.  An active participant who seeks to enter the arena and take decisive steps to solve a problem or improve the situation.  Trains to be ready; rests to be prepared; expects to be engaged.  The lifetime is spent: seeing – moving to the problem – engaging it – and reporting it and reflecting on it for others to learn from and/or be ready for when it occurs in their lifetime.

There is an inclination for many in this world of today to study the problem.  I believe that an Exemplar goes into the problem – as prepared as possible – but has the confidence to act and react from a relentless perseverance to better the situation.  Innate idealism of what the martial profession can be; steadfast professionalism and loyalty to nation, family, and fellow exponents; and perhaps most emphatically, a bone-deep realization that to know and to act are one in the same.

Mistakes, lessons learned, stumbles, and re-calibration are all facets of the lifetime.  Not a lifetime of looking back and “being.”  But a journey and calling of “becoming” – always forward, never truly at rest.

G. H. Bristol

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