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In the context of Character-Consciousness-Capability, one clear axiom comes to light.

Action is the Message.

The world we live in today is dynamic, turbulent, and it can offer diversions that can cause a course of action involving “observing on the sidelines” rather than competing in the arena.   Watch it on television.  Play a video game representing adventure.  Contemplate and write about things never actually done.  Buy outdoor clothes and wear them in an indoor existence.  Life as a spectator sport….

Character is developed from the actual doing.  Consciousness takes place in the integration of what is conceived and what is achieved.  Capability is ingrained from the day-to-day exertion and realization that mastery is a lifelong pursuit conducted one step at a time.

Move.  Run.  Lift.  Jump.  Push.  Pull.  Seek.  Endeavor.  Persevere.  Stalk.  Throw.  Shoot.  Strike.  Hit.  Miss.  Embody.  Strip down.  Revise.  Start again.

Don’t talk it…. BE it.

Action is the Message.

G. H. Bristol

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