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Hunter B. Armstrong briefly explains and demonstrates two important combative principles: 1. Use of a one-beat, hips-oriented movement versus a hands-oriented movement; and 2. Attacking the opponent’s flank.

First, Mr. Armstrong explains using the hips and feet to directly transfer force through the weapon to the target rather than using the hands to flip and quickly manipulate the weapon. The fast-hands oriented use of weapons requires a two-beat movement that is inefficient because it requires more recovery time between strikes. A one-beat hips-oriented control of the weapon is much more efficient.

Second, Mr. Armstrong goes on to explain that a flank attack, to the opponent’s outside, is usually preferable, but there are advantages and disadvantages. He then explains how to understand a flank attack from the perspective of the adversary’s feet and hips, not his hands.

We learn these principles intuitively and experientially by exercising these drills repetitively and CONSCIOUSLY.  Then we assess and understand these principles intellectually and cognitively.

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